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At J&J Northwoods Construction Inc., we are very serious about what we do. That is why we take every possible step to ensure that our countertop refinishing service is of the highest standard possible. Our skilled team of countertop design and specialists will work closely with you during every step of the process from start to finish to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction. In general, our service starts with an initial meeting to discuss the shape and materials that you want for your countertop. After that, we will discuss what shape and color tiles you may want. Only when you are fully satisfied with the strength, color and style of the countertops, will we progress to the creation stage.

For us, countertop refinishing is much more than a job, it’s our passion. That is why we will treat every home that we work in as if it was our own. It is this commitment to our skilled profession that separates us from other remodeling teams in Oak Grove. Throw in our competitive prices, flexible payment options and convenient opening hours and it is clear to see that your home’s best interests will always be best served with J&J Northwoods Construction Inc..

Why Are Laminate Countertops Often Overlooked?

With years of combined experience in the countertop refinishing game, it is safe to say that we have seen a lot. However, one of the things that continues to baffle us is the under-appreciated nature of laminate countertops. Being completely honest, we are unsure what some Oak Grove homeowners have against this type of countertop but thankfully a recent trend has seen their popularity rise. Three of the most obvious benefits of laminate countertops are as follows:


Compared to granite, marble and other more luxurious materials, laminate continues to be one of the most cost-effect option for homeowners looking for a strong and durable countertop for less. In general, laminate is about 25% cheaper than most of its counterparts. Over the course of an entire kitchen, this could end up saving you thousands of dollars.


To put it simply, laminate is very easy to clean and doesn’t suffer very much water or moisture damage. Unlike marble or granite that can stain easily and need to be sealed yearly, laminate is extremely versatile and can usually be adequately cleaned with a quick wipe.

Timeless Design:

While you may not like to admit it, the reality is that over time your tastes change. So, while the money you paid on a stone countertop may have seemed like a good idea now, in a year’s time, you may no longer feel the same way.

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There is no doubt about it, as a Oak Grove homeowner you should expect the very best countertops possible for your home. To guarantee this, it is vital that you work with the premier countertop refinishing team in Oak Grove. As the leading countertop specialists in the city, we promise to deliver a high standard of service that is unmatched by our competitors.